There is a large number of grade by a car model and greatly influences an assessment because there may be a difference to displacement volume not to mention the main equipment to a difference every grade. An example of the old car includes case of Levin / Trueno (AE80 system) and MR2 (AW10 system), and there is even a case accompanied by a premiere price by 1,600cc car depending on degree, but the 1,500cc car is unpopular adversely and tends to be beaten. As a plain example, in the case of S13/14 type Silvia, in Q's and K's which are volume sales grade, it is a normal assessment by being able to say about all car models, but a price hardly tends not to be accompanied even if J's which is low price grade is unpopular and puts up it for sale because there are few buyers even if it is an advanced age-type degree good car. In addition, in the case of T240/260 type pre-Mio and Arion, there is a lot of at all that 2.0G (pre-Mio) most upper grade adversely and A20 (Arion) become more disadvantageous in assessment than 1.5F (pre-Mio) which is lower grade grade and A15 (Arion) when it is the example of the practical use type family sedan. In addition, JZX81/90/100 type mark II, a chaser, the first-class grade of Cresta are 3 liters cars, but because marketable goods and the demand in the market are a 2.5 liters car and 2 liters cars, it may become disadvantageous at points such as the demand for thing which is not unpopular grade, and assessment may not become necessarily advantageous just because of upper grade grade.

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