I improve the instrument panel on the interior decoration side and enlarged the step space of the center seat by having devised a shape of an anterior knee region and the lower part and locate a large size opening tray at the center seat from the seat next to the driver. The wide jug was to have renovated cabin package itself, and I improved, and the aeroDynamics performance realized livability, getting on and off characteristics by door opening expansion, getting on and off step upsizing, crew space expansion because the front design devised the former diaphragm of the cabin and the shape of the bumper corner. I thinned a pillar section as much as possible while keeping strength about the safety and was shipped with the wide view mirror which found the view that it was easy to look at widely and two mirror mirrors which enlarged view of the vehicle side rear, and rolled it up, and contributed to accident prevention and added option setting of world first VSC by light truck. The hybrid car adopted exclusive stripe at a grill and a door, and it was the specifications that took the Synagy blue that the Toyota emblem was adopted to hybrid cars such as the prius. In addition, I switched to the design which was equal to a diesel car about gasoline-powered car, the LPG car.

About Toyota's Used Truck, The Dyna